Pamper yourself during your vacation or weekend getaway with our Northern California day spa services.  Below you will find a variety of spa and massage therapy options that we would be happy to arrange for you on your next visit to the McCloud River Mercantile Hotel. Please contact us directly at 530-964-2330 to arrange for your spa or massage therapy treatment.


Couple's Massage

Enjoy the wonders of Massage Therapy as a couple. Massage is a fantastic tool for couples to apply, allowing for a deeply connected journey into relaxation & bliss. Lie down, side by side, as you receive your massage experience, leaving both of you in a state of inspired wellbeing.
Why not enhance your vacation experience at the McCloud River Mercantile Hotel and book your couple's massage today?

pricing: $160/hour | $200/ 1.5 hours

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is an excellent way to introduce yourself to bodywork/massage therapy, and/or continue your journey of honoring the needs your body is thirsty for as a result of life‘s demands. The long strokes along your largest muscles will leave you feeling nurtured, luxurious, and relaxed.

pricing:  $80/hour | $110/1.5 hours

Hot Stone Massage

The utilization of sanitized river rocks set on a very warm, comfortable temperature that allows the muscles to relax so that deeper work can be done if that's what you desire. This treatment is one of the most requested we have. Why not book one today in the comfort of your own suite, you won't be disappointed!

pricing:  $110 / 75 minutes

RainDrop Therapy

The use of Young Living Essential Oils along the spine of each foot, incorporating foot reflexology and warm, moist compresses on the feet, followed by a layering of the oils along the cervical spine followed also by a warm moist compress, then finishing the treatment with a nice, relaxing Swedish massage. Most of the oils used have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties, which can assist the body in doing what it was designed to do, naturally maintain it's health and vitality. Detoxification of the body can occur after this treatment, its vital to tell your therapist of any medications and or health issues you may have before you proceed so that you can both determine if this is the right treatment for you.

pricing: $110 / 75 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage

A Swedish massage treatment that is coupled with various essential oils
to enhance your relaxation experience, allowing you to fully immerse
yourself in a state of pure bliss!

pricing: $90 / hour | $120 / 1.5 hours

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is an effective modality to facilitate your body rebalancing to its structural optimal state.

Techniques range from subtle to overt, depending on your present level of tension. Prolonged arm & leg pulls, cross-handed stretches, j-stroking (cross fiber friction), and CranioSacral Therapy.

pricing: $80 / hour | $110 /1.5 hours

Myofascial Deep Tissue

Myofascial Deep Tissue again applies pressure to key points of stuck fascia, while also putting into stretch a corresponding area. This sensation initiates "slack" or elongated space in your connective tissue, allowing areas of your body that were functioning as "one piece" to return to their organic individual position.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a hands-on approach to healing that applies gentle, noninvasive pressure to balance what is known as the craniosacial system. This system extends from the skull, face, and mouth (the cranium) down and within the spinal column to the sacrum and coccyx, the bones that form the tail end of the spine.

CranioSacral Therapy works with the rhythm and flow of Cerebrospinal Fluid through the bones and soft tissue that encase it, they can provide relief for a variety of acute and chronic neuromuscular and musculoskeletal imbalances.

Releasing the fascia (connective tissue) in the craniosacral area can open the chest for easier breathing, increase the space in-between your vertebrae, relieve shoulder problems, alleviate emotional & physical trauma, and greatly elevate cerebrospinal circulation. All of which is achieved by using your relaxed body’s weight on the finger pads of your Massage Specialist, or no more physical pressure than the weight of a quarter.

pricing: $80/ hr. | $110/ 1.5 hrs.


All booking can be done by phoning Atlantis Rising Massage @ (530) 859-2935 or Mt. Shasta Massage @ (530) 261-0227.

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