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We offer event planning, and our historic Great Room is perfect for retreats, weddings, conferences, or exhibits. At approximately 4,000 square feet, the space can accommodate up to 150 people. Painted majolica green, with 12’ wood ceilings, central heat/AC, and original Douglas fir flooring; this space is perfect for any event you throw.

During the day, the room fills with natural light, beaming in through the historic McCloud windows. But, if you want more control of the lighting, you can use our beautiful velvet drapes to block out the sunlight and take advantage of our state of the art dimmable lighting system. Equipped with spotlights, chandeliers, and hangable Edson lights, all programmable to your discretion, you won’t have issue lighting your event however you like.


If your special event requires visual or auditory media, we have you covered. We have an HD projector, retractable screen, and professional sound system, with a mixing console, two Yamaha PA speakers, and a microphone.

Let Us Host Your Next Special Gathering
Weddings and Anniversaries

Weddings & Anniversaries


The McCloud River Mercantile Hotel offers a great indoor wedding site in Northern California. The Great Room is approximately 3700-square-feet and can comfortably accommodate up to 150 guests.  To customize the ambiance, we have a state-of-the-art light dimming system that controls the chandeliers and spotlights along with a professional sound system, making it perfect for music and dancing.

With the help of our special events coordinator, we can provide rental equipment, set up and breakdown crew, flower arrangements, catering services, the option of an open bar, and an interior decorator to help make your special day just that much more special.

Please contact us directly at 530-964-2602 for more detailed information and to discuss specifics like pricing and catering.  We would be happy to discuss your wedding needs and schedule an appointment to tour the property.




So much more than just a typical chain hotel, the McCloud Mercantile Hotel is an all-inclusive Northern California conference center. Beautiful snow-capped Mount Shasta stands proudly above our Main Street. In the center of a historic mill town, secluded by lush old-growth forest, the McCloud Mercantile Hotel is the perfect destination for your next conference.

We have a 150-person capacity event space known as the Great Room. Furnished with a professional sound system, HD projector/screen, dimmable lighting, and tables/chairs that can be set up per your conference.

Also, there is a multitude of in-house catering options with a wide variety of foods to choose from. They’ll be more than willing to work around whatever dietary needs or restrictions you may have

Make sure to start your planning in advance to ensure your accommodations and special needs are available.  We have no problem coordinating many of the fine details for you.

Many of the fine details like pricing, menus, and more can be hammered out by calling us at (530) 964-2602

Yoga Retreats


Since opening, we have been a premier spot in Northern California for well-known yoga instructors to hold their classes and yoga retreats. Our Great Room, located at the base of Mt Shasta, is unique with plenty of space in a light-filled room. In addition, the space has original Douglas fir flooring, light majolica green v-board walls, cream ceilings, beautiful ambient light, mountainous views, along with central heating and air conditioning; making it the perfect space to hold yoga & meditation practices.

Previously Held Yoga Retreats:

– Tim Miller Ashtanga Yoga

– Center of Contemplative Awareness

– Siddhanath Yoga Sangh


If you require catering for your event, there are numerous in-house catering options available with a wide selection of foods to meet your needs. Please call for specifics.

Also, the event space is not only great for significant events, but it can accommodate smaller groups and gatherings very well. Whether they be family reunions, business conferences, yoga, or a quilting retreat, the event space can accommodate perfectly.

If your event needs to be catered, our special events coordinator can organize that as well. Please call us for specific planning, pricing, and policies for your meeting, retreat, conference, workshops, or other group purposes.


The Great Room

Here are many events common to the Great Room:

  • Business Conferences

  • Family Reunions

  • Indoor Wedding / Reception

  • Christmas and/or Holiday parties

  • Anniversary Parties

  • Business Luncheons or Dinners

  • Quilting Workshops

  • Community Banquets

  • Dance and Yoga Classes

  • Concert Venues

  • Movie Premieres

  • Fundraising Functions

Gatherings of 50 to 150 persons can be accommodated comfortably, and we will make sure that all of the details are coordinated for your event. We can take care of decorations, flowers, table layouts, and sound system. The following gatherings have been successfully held in the past year:

  • Cindy Needham – “My Time Quilting Retreats

  • Linda Ballard – Quilting Retreat

  • Tim Miller – Ashtanga Yoga Retreat

  • Cindy Os – Contemplative Awareness Retreat

  • Burning Tango Festival

  • Bethel Church Retreats

Yoga Retreats
The Great Room
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