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Each of our rooms has its own individual theme based upon an aspect of McCloud's rich history. This creates a unique atmosphere you can only find at the Mercantile Hotel. Some people like to change rooms with every visit just to experience each room. While others may find a room that suits them perfectly and they’ll stick with it for every visit.

Third Room 2.jpg

1940s Room

2 Queen Beds / Sleeps 2-4

With its open layout, two queen size beds, a spacious bathroom, and a whirlpool tub, this suite is great for families traveling or friends staying together during a retreat.

Charles Miller Room

1 King, 1 Twin Bed / Sleeps 1-3

Named after McCloud’s renowned photographer, Charles Miller, this spacious wheelchair accessible suite at the McCloud Mercantile Hotel has breathtaking views and a whirlpool tub. 

First Room 8.jpg
Second Room 4.jpg

Arts & Crafts Room

1 King, 1 Twin Bed / Sleeps 1-4

Evoking the forest, with its dark green color scheme and arts & crafts era decor, you’ll feel right at home in the mountains as you sit near the fireplace in the Arts & Crafts Suite.

Hot & Tot Room

1 Queen Bed / Sleeps 1-3

The room is dedicated to McCloud’s iconic swing band, The Hottentots. This room reflects the luxury and romance of the Art Deco-style consistent with that of the 1930s. Antique pictures of flapper girls grace the walls of the little nook that’s been furnished with an antique bench & art deco droplight.

Fourth Room 7.jpg
Third Room 1-2.jpg
Third Room 1-2.jpg

Friday George Room

1 Queen Bed / Sleeps 1-2

This quaint room was named for our beloved Friday George, McCloud’s first lumber pioneer. The small room has a cozy yet rustic feeling with embossed tin ceiling, Edison-style droplight, an antique stained glass window room divider, blue stained v-board, and dark wood furniture. 

Mercantile Room

1 King, 2 Twin Beds / Sleeps 1-5

Furnished in an eclectic bohemian style, this suite includes original Douglas fir flooring, a private bedroom, and a seating area with a refurbished railroad cart table and flatscreen TV. You’ll feel right at home in this cozy family suite.

Second Room 3-2.jpg
Second Room 5.jpg

GG's Attic Room

1 Queen, 1 Full Bed / Sleeps 1-4

Named in honor of the Mathis family’s late great-grandmother, “GG”, this endearing room has a lot of character. With its clear cedar ceiling & retro wallpaper reminiscent of GG’s travels, you’ll understand why she fell in love with the space.​

Minnesota Room

1 Queen Bed / Sleeps 1-2

Named after the state that McCloud’s founders and many of its first settlers emigrated from. This room is naturally bright and intimate, the Minnesota Room is perfect for a couple seeking a romantic getaway in the mountains of Northern California.

Third Room 6.jpg
Fifth Room 1.jpg

Railroad Room

1 Queen, 2 Twin Beds / /Sleeps 1-4

Evoking the memory of McCloud’s locomotive history through artful decor and period-specific detail, you’ll love the Railroad Room and the atmosphere it creates. With its open layout and multiple beds, this room is perfect for families or friends traveling together for a retreat.

Founders Room

1 King Bed / Sleeps 1-2

With a fireplace and an elevated clawfoot tub, this suite is perfect for a couple looking at a romantic Northern California getaway. Our romantic Founders Suite at the McCloud River Mercantile Hotel is named in honor of two of McCloud’s original founders, George Scott and William M. Van Arsdale.

First Room 2.jpg
First Room 2-2.jpg

Shasta Wintu Suite

1 King Bed / Sleeps 1-2

Spacious, beautiful, and a view of Mt. Shasta; this suite has everything two lovebirds could look for in a romantic getaway without having to mention the whirlpool tub.

Named after the local Native American tribe, The Wintu, this suite is a perennial favorite. 

Whisper's Den

1 King Bed / Sleeps 1-2

If you’re traveling with a four-legged companion and in search of a pet-friendly suite, Whisper’s Den is for you.

Named in memory of our beloved family and company dog, Whisper, this suite opens up to a lawn and the outside world. Making it quick and easy to take your pup out and about for a walk to get some fresh air.

Fourth Room 4.jpg

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